Shipping Info

All outboard motors
Ship for free! 

Orders over $500 ship for free (except RIB boats....see note below)
Order of $500 or less, we have a tiered rate:
$0-$100 = $9.95
$101-$200 = $18.95
$201-$500 = $29.95
Shipping Fees for boats: 
All "DB" model number series inflatable boats ship for free! 

All series with "J", "BL", "ALA" and "ALV" in the model number require a handling fee due to our need of crating the boat in plywood. 
 If you plan to purchase one of these, please contact us or call us at 1- 207 -844-1742!  Our website will default to a $450 "handling fee".

If you have any questions about shipping charges or fees, please contact us or call us at 1- 207-844-1742