About Us

Background: our story
Over 15 years ago, Joe Saindon and Mike Tyler went looking to buy a reasonable priced, high quality inflatable boat and couldn't find one. So, these two USCG licensed captains with over 60 years of combined experience founded North Atlantic Inflatables to bring reliable, safe, high quality inflatable boats to the US market at reasonable prices. The formula was successful, and North Atlantic has grown dramatically as more and more boaters discover the advantages of buying a North Atlantic. The company is now owned and operated by Rob & Bridget O'Brian.  Rob - a USGC licensed captain as well as a Naval Architect - continues on the path that Joe and Mike started, and looks forward to bringing more innovations to the world of inflatables in the coming years.

The North Atlantic fleet: The North Atlantic Inflatable line-up includes:
-"traditional" inflatable boats from 7' 6"  to 12' 8" with aluminum panel or air deck floors
- Fiberglass rigid hull (RIB) boats in standard "runabout" configuration or with center consoles up to 21'
- Aluminum rigid hull (RIB) boats from 8'8" up to 21' in stock or custom configurations