Testimonials & Comments

North Atlantic Inflatables have a dedicated following.

"I want to write how pleasant it was to deal with you and how professional your company is. Looking back it has been fun. Phone calls to help find what I wanted, then great follow-thru on getting us exactly the boat we need.  Thank you!"  
 - Jack H.  New Bedford, Mass

"You took the time to listen to what our dinghy needs were...then delivered an exceptional boat for us - amazing quality and very reasonable cost"  
- David M.  Georgetown, Maine

"We spent about three weeks on yellow head Island this past September - the hurricane waves were so intense that we were not able to bring our big boat to shore for almost 2 weeks. If it was not for our little North Atlantic (model ALV300) we would've run out of beer wine coffee and food. We never thought when we bought it that it would make such an amazing landing craft.....We would get it down to the waterline put the dog in it wait for a wave to come and jump in and ride the wave out. When we returned we'd wait for a big wave and surf it up the beach. We were able to hang on to the little boat and drag it up in the surf. It is an amazing little watercraft. I'm going to send you a video of the waves on our Landing Beach - the breaking waves are over 6 feet high. It will give you a good idea of the conditions we were coming and going in in our little boat."

- Tom and Karen M.

"We are happy with our new dink, the aluminum/hypalon was definitely the way to go. We are still in the Bahamas, in a small, random out of the way place. And, there are THREE of your inflatables here.......we compared customer service stories -- in a good way-- and while it was close, we think we won!"

- Laura and Art O.