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Inflatable Fenders

Our inflatable fenders are made with strong PVC fabric and reinforced D-Rings.  Better yet, they are priced competitively and come in a wide variety of sizes.   Custom covers can be ordered separately.   Our inflatable fenders are perfect for laying off the dock rafting with other boats and quickly deflate for compact stowage.  Because they're inflatable, you can control the amount of pressure, unlike with a rigid fender. 


Our fenders come in 1 basic color - black (as Henry Ford said "you can choose any color as long as its black.")   We've found black is the least likely to show marks and dirt from docks.  If you prefer a color or want to add your boat's name, consider purchasing custom fender covers (high quality, hand-made fleece covers made right here in Portland, Maine!)


North Atlantic Inflatables carries a wide variety of fender sizes, meeting most boater's needs and all come with a 5 year warranty!  

  • 12" diameter fenders are recommended for boats up to 40'.  

  • 16" diameter fenders for boats over 40'-70'

  • Yachts over 70' should consider larger fenders: 24" x 36"  / 36" x 48"

NOTE: Fenders that get stuck under a dock at low tide then get their D rings pulled out at high tide are NOT covered by warranty.

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