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Inflatable Keel Boats

These lightweight inflatable keel tenders are the backbone of the inflatable world.  Rugged enough to be used in any type of water, yet capable of being folded up and stored in a bag.


Our inflatable keel boats range from 7’6” to 12’8” and up to 17' for a rescue boat.  All our boats come with the following.

  • 5-year warranty

  • Heytex PVC fabric

  • Standard equipment including oars, aluminum bench seat(s), air pump, bag & repair kit

  • Keel cover & under-tube protection (reinforced PVC pads on aft-most 24" of tube)

  • Extra grab handles


Before placing a web order, we highly suggest calling or emailing to confirm stock.  We sell our boats 

in our shop as well as on the web and we try to keep our website up to date on inventory but a quick call

or email can confirm we have your preferred color and style available.  We look forward to working with you!

Our inflatable keel boats come in two major categories:

Air deck:

PVC tubes and a high-pressure inflatable air floor which is remarkably stiff.  Air decks are great when you want a boat that is likely to be assembled & disassembled multiple times a season, and where weight is critical.

Aluminum panel floor: 

PVC tubes and a floor which is pieced together with lightweight aluminum panels.  Aluminum floor boats provide a more rigid floor and ride slightly better than their air deck sisters. 

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