Fiberglass RIBs

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) made the boating scene several decades ago - with fiberglass hulls.  Basically the boats are "traditional" fiberglass hulls with extremely low gunwales that have been modified to accept tubes.


Fiberglass RIBs come in either "single hull" configuration or "double-hull" configuration.

Single hulls have a single, relatively thin fiberglass hull, while "double" hulls have a deck on top, a void areas which is full of air, and a traditional hull.  All North Atlantic Inflatables are the "double-hull" variety.

Our fiberglass RIBs range from 8'8” to 21' and above. Typically boats of 10'8" and below are "open", while larger boats will have a center console.  Regardless, all our boats come with the following.

  • 5-year warranty

  • Heytex PVC fabric or Orca Hypalon fabric

  • Welded seams (if using PVC fabric)

  • Standard equipment including oars, aluminum bench seat(s), air pump & repair kit

  • Keel cover & under-tube protection (reinforced PVC pads on aft-most 24" of tube)

  • Extra grab handles

Fiberglass Inflatables