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Our inflatable fenders are 10x stronger than vinyl, rigid fenders and are made with heavy duty PVC fabric, welded seams, and reinforced, stainless D-Rings on each end.  Better yet,  they inflate or deflate in less than 2 minutes with a foot pump (less than 30 seconds with an electric pump!) These require minimal storage space and are priced competitively. They come in a wide variety of sizes, 9 inch to 3 foot diameter for smaller boats to yachts. They are perfect for laying off the dock, rafting with other boats, and generally protecting your power or sail boat.  Inflatable fenders allow you to control the amount of pressure, unlike with a rigid fender and are much stronger than traditional rigid fenders.  "We love the fenders that we bought from you 9-10 years ago!  We look forward to more good and protective use."  - Dave (Sept 2023)

Tap for tips on using our fenders.

Custom fleece covers can be ordered separately and come in a variety of colors.

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