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Shipping & Warranty

Shipping Rates

We work to keep our shipping charges reasonable.  Below apply to the lower 48 states.  For Alaska, Hawaii and non-US please call for a quote.   

For aluminum or fiberglass RIB boats, solid hull boats, please call us for customized  freight costs.  We can't use regular UPS for those boats because they need to be crated and moved with a forklift.  These are custom quote depending on the boat size, time of year and your location.   We have dealers in RI, MA, and FL that may have the boats closer to you as well.  Please call for estimated freight for these solid hull boats. 

Order Value      Shipping Cost

$0-$100                      $9.95

$100-$200                 $18.95

$200-$500                $39.95

$500- $1,000             $69.95

$1,000-$2,000           *call for a quote (estimate is $150-200)

$2,000-$10,000         *call for a quote (includes custom built crate for RIBs)


We are proud of our boats and fenders.  We back them with a 5-year warranty for recreational use (2-year warranty for PVC tubes in southern climates -we highly recommend Hypalon tubes in southern climates.)

We use common sense for our warranty.  What does that mean?  Things like tying an inflatable to a dock with 1 line in a hurricane is not supported by common sense.   Cleaning your boat with Acetone or harsh chemicals is not common sense and is not supported by the warranty.


PVC does not hold up well in the intense tropical sun of southern climates and the life of the tubes will be much shorter than you would have in a northern climate.  This is why our common sense warranty  says we cover 2-years of manufacturer defects for PVC tubes in southern climates.  We carry Hypalon fabric tubes for those climates and cover the Hypalon tubes for 5-years for all climates.  The aluminum and fiberglass boats are both warrantied for 5-years in any climate.  Warranties are not transferable (except at a North Atlantic Inflatable dealer's  discretion.) 

Shipping Rates
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