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Not sure what factors are important when purchasing an inflatable boat?   Tap here to for help! 

The North Atlantic Inflatables fleet includes:

  • Roll up, inflatable keel dinghies ranging in size from 6'  (new this year)  to 12' 8" with aluminum panel or air deck floors (custom sizes also available)

  • Fiberglass rigid hull (RIB) boats come with standard "runabout" configuration or with center consoles up to 21'

  • Aluminum rigid hull (RIB) boats range from 7' 6" up to 21' in standard or custom configurations

We also carry inflatable fenders for smaller boats and also yacht fenders, with or without fleece covers, and many boat accessories.   Periodically, we have used boats & motors from customers trading up in size or getting out of boating.  

Boat Accessories

We have many of the items you will need to customize your boat, perform routine maintenance & repair it (if  needed).  
If you can't find what you are looking for on these pages, please give us a call. Chances are we have it in stock or can (quickly) locate it for you.

Boat Accesoris
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