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The Takacat LX Series is a new line of inflatables for us!  We are excited about the catamaran design and super light weight boat with an air deck floor.


The catamaran hull design reduces the wetted surface area, allowing the Takacat to go faster with less horsepower.  The catamaran design also allows this boat to float in less water as well as be incredibly stable—so stable that you can stand on one side while the boat remains flat in the water!


The LX series has a fast bailing transom (open transom) and an open bow.  You can launch in the surf and take breaking waves without ever filling the boat with water. Heck, you could park it under a waterfall without it filling with water!


It is easy to pack up in 2 small bags.   


We keep the 300 (9'8") LX in stock.  Call to order other sizes.

Takacat Inflatable Series

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