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Customer Referral Program & 2022 Photo Contest!

 Referral Program

Refer a customer to us and, when they purchase any size boat or motor, you earn a $50 gift card to one of your local restaurants.  We know how important it is to support local businesses.  Be sure they give us your name!  😊 We would not be where we are today if it were not for your support.  We are grateful!

Rob and Bridget O’Brian

Owners, North Atlantic Inflatables

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2022 Photo Contest

 Many thanks to everyone who sent us beautiful photos of your families, pets, and friends on our boats.

We love doing this photo contest each year.  This year we had a tie - congratulations to Snoopy and Greta and their boat owners! They won a graphic art print of their photo (or a photo of their choice) by Designs by Conor.  Thank you!

(tap here to see our fun 2021 submissions)


"We LOVE our NAI skiff!" 

We LOVE our NAI skill Hanley Cesar ALA380LH.jpeg

These are our other submissions for 2022.  Thank you everyone!

ALA300 Chick Pyle and Sadie 1.jpeg
ALA300 Chick Pyle and Sadie 4.jpeg


ALA300 Chick Pyle and Sadie 5.jpeg

Hard to pick a favorite in this set of 5 pictures from Sadie (boat dog) and Chick (boat owner)!  Sadie is a big  help to Chick as he navigates in his North Atlantic Inflatable 8'8" aluminum RIB!    

ALA300 Chick Pyle and Sadie 2.jpeg


ALA300 Chick Pyle and Sadie 3.jpeg
ALA300L Oden 1.jpg
ALA300L Oden 2.JPG

Dean makes sure his passengers are comfortable in his 9'8" aluminum RIB.  Here he is ferrying people (during a beautiful sunset) and his furry friends! 

DB250 Beach Kantor.jpg

David's inflatable keel 8'2" dinghy is easy to maneuver to explore the many islands in his area.  His North Atlantic Inflatable comes with extra handles in the stern and reinforcements on the keel and rear tubes, so it is easy to drag up on beaches. 

Dan and Janet's chocolate lab is modeling their fiberglass 12' 8" RIB's bow locker with cushion.  He is a handsome fellow! 

BL380H Choc Lab Potenza 1.jpeg
BL380H Choc Lab Potenza 2.jpeg

Greg sent these 6 fun photos of his dog... and their 8'2" inflatable keel NAI (North Atlantic Inflatable)  Hard to pick which is better looking... his dinghy or his dog! 

DB250 underway Tsopelas 1.JPG.jpg
DB250 underway Tsopelas 3.JPG.jpg
DB250 underway Tsopelas 2.JPG.jpg
DB250 underway Tsopelas 6.JPG
DB250 underway Tsopelas 5.JPG
DB250 underway Tsopelas 4.JPG

Tom sent a cool picture of his 8' 8" inflatable keel boat stored in his shed.  It fits in nicely and he can keep the aluminum panels installed over the winter!  

DB270 Innis storage.jpeg
Walter and Kit's twin ALA300LH in Marathon Key FL_zoomed in.jpg

Both the pup and the 9'8" aluminum RIB and it's Tohatsu 20h are at the ready on this Casco Bay island! 

Wally and Kit sent this picture of their  twins!  They each have a Hypalon 9' 8" aluminum RIB with a double hull and bow locker (check out the cool seat cushion with storage bag too!)  They are cruising around Marathon Key, Florida.   

Quirk's ALA300L with his pup_edited.jpg
Riddell DB270ad 1.jpg

This beautiful 8'8" Air Deck Inflatable Keel North Atlantic Inflatable fits perfectly on the top of Ian's Rosborough.  It is also super light and easy to pull down when they want to explore local islands!   

Riddell DB270ad 2 boat top.jpg
Corey Clark ALA520H 3.jpg

The Clark family knows how to have fun exploring Penobscot and Casco Bays in their Hypalon 16'8" RIB from North Atlantic Inflatables. 

Corey Clark ALA520H 4.jpg
Corey Clark ALA520H 2.jpg


Corey Clark ALA520H 16ft 8in Hypalon.jpg
John Stolz 1.jpg

The happy couple enjoying a ride in their 8'8" RIB! 

Randy McGuire Bermuda Beach 1.jpeg
Randy Mcguire Bermuda Day 2.jpeg

Below, this 9'8" Hypalon RIB, with its custom dodger, has been cruising to Bermuda - sun and rain doesn't deter this hardy boat or couple! 

Nancy McGuire w dodger.jpeg

Below, Jaws is the name of this fun 12'8" Hypalon RIB with it's 20hp Tohatsu.  Its red name, on the bow, turns a few heads on Maine waters.  Hugo Boss, the dog, doesn't mind the attention!  

Ken Monroe_Jaws 2.jpeg
Ken Monroe_Jaws 1.jpeg
Ken Monroe_Jaws 4.jpeg
Ken Monroe_Jaws 5.jpeg
Ken Monroe_Jaws 3.jpeg

Below, this couple is very happy with the recent purchase of their 11'8" fiberglass hull RIB.  

John Parnell 3.jpg
John Parnell 1.jpg

Below,  another family enjoying a lazy summer adventure in their 9'8" inflatable keel North Atlantic Inflatable with an aluminum panel floor and a 9.8 Tohatsu motor (and their dog!)

Christian Peterson.png

Below,  an easy to manuever, 8'8" inflatable keel North Atlantic Inflatable with an aluminum panel floor. 

Randall Chandler.jpeg

Below, captain and his crew, enjoying their custom colored, 9'8" aluminum RIB with its Tohatsu motor. 

Thomas Dempsey 1.jpg
Thomas Dempsey 2.jpg
Thomas Dempsey 3.jpg

Below, Velvet and Izzy are almost falling asleep as they relax on their 10'8" aluminum RIB (note they even brought their tennis ball with them!)  They recently visited our new shop in Brunswick to check on their next RIB!  

Below, Murphy is happy island hopping in his 10'8" aluminum RIB with his ball throwing companion.  

Chris Brown_Murphy exploring Harpswell.jpg
Jack Thomas Izzy and Velvet enjoying a day on the water.jpg

Below, training for new crew members starts early!  This is an easy to handle 9'8" gray inflatable keel boat, with an inflatable air deck floor.  

M Marcoux 2 DB.jpg
M Marcoux 1 DB.jpg

Below, the bow of this 10'8" aluminum RIB, with its comfy bow locker and cushion, is a nice perch for this water loving dog.  

Coe 1.jpg
Coe 3.jpg
Kristin Cox 3 dog on bow.jpg

Below, even cats get in on the action on a NAI 8'8" RIB!  Love to see so many animals getting their day on the water too! 

veronica, Friend and Cat ALV270 navy.jpeg

Below, towing behind their trawler is their 9'8" gray aluminum RIB.  The deep V hull makes these boats easy to tow and light (112lbs) to pick up when you need to get it on deck or onto a beach. 

Peter Schwab 1.jpeg
Peter Schwab 2.jpeg

Sunset on a warm night on the water... there is nothing like it!  This family has a 9'8" aluminum RIB.  This is a view of South Belle Isle in Miami.

James halsey.jpg

Many Thanks To Our NAI Customers For Sharing Their Fun Experiences on their RIBs and Inflatable Keel Boats!  We LOVE to see where our boats end up in the world.  Be sure to take pictures in 2022 for our '23 winter contest!

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