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Tube Repairs

Instructions for using our repair kit


1. The instructions below assume you have a North Atlantic Inflatables repair kit.  If not, click here to purchase. 

2. DO NOT perform repair unless air is dry & temp is 60 degrees or more

3. Feel free to call us at any point with questions: 207-844-1742


  1. The repair of a small leak or puncture less than 0.5 inch can be made with a round patch (3” diameter max)

  2. If repairs over 0.5 inches long are required, call us.  This sized repair involves placing a patch inside & outside the tube…and is difficult to do.

  3. Both the patch & the surface of the tube must be dry and free of dirt or grease.  In this very specific situation, it is OK to use acetone to clean ONLY the portion of the tube where the leak is & the back of the patch (do not use these cleaners on your boat normally.)  Best to use gloves & work in an open area with plenty of ventilation.

  4. Apply 2 thin, even coats of glue to the surface of the tube as well as the surface of the patch.  Wait 15 minutes between each coats and wait 15 minutes after applying the 2nd coat in order to allow the glue to dry.

  5. Once the 2nd layer of glue is dry (your finger does not stick to it if/when you push it) push the patch into the glued area of the tube.  Push hard - you may want to use a hard roller or smooth plate to push.

  6. Let the boat/patch set for 24 hours before testing under full pressure.  Allow 3 days before putting the boat back in service.

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